Iron Man Director's VR Game Is Coming Soon

Iron Man Director's VR Game Is Coming Soon
On top of trying to outdo a beloved Disney classic, director Jon Favreau achieved a fascinating feat with his film adaption of The Jungle Book: Aside from its young actor portraying Mowgli, every other character and setting were built with CGI. But it seems he's still eager to make computer-created immersion. The first part of the filmmaker's next project, the fantasy VR experience Gnomes & Goblins, will be digitally released for free on September 8th. From screenshots, the game looks lush, haunting and whimsical. Players quickly meet a titular goblin and roam around, but G&G seems to hinge more on exploration and experience rather than compelling gameplay. This will be the first tease of the world, Favreau explained in a New York Times interview, with a narrative emerging in content released later.

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