You Look Ridiculous Vacationing In VR, Says Ad

You Look Ridiculous Vacationing In VR, Says Ad

Traveling via virtual reality is all the rage at the moment -- as recent projects from Expedia and Avios illustrate-- but a new Middle East campaign from Emirates-owned travel brand Dnata reminds people that the real thing is so much better.


The premise of the ads, by Dubai agency TBWA/RAAD, is that even through virtual reality might allow you to surf in Bali (as seen here), do yoga in Phuket, dance the Polka at the Munich Oktoberfest and watch the French Open in Paris, you look really stupid sitting there wearing a VR headset in your living room. Of course, the real thing is better, and the spots end with prices for real-life packages to the destinations through Dnata.


The campaign includes as a series of print ads as well as the TV and online spots, which were directed by Ali Ali via production company Good People.

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