Will We Work Remotely Via VR?

Will We Work Remotely Via VR?
February 26, 2017

“So, where are you right now?” We’ve all started phone calls or video chats this way, curious about background noise or the art on the wall behind our colleagues. It’s an interesting question.


We may be talking with each other, but physically we’re in completely different places, creating a kind of dissonance or feeling of disconnection that hinders our ability to collaborate via phones and computers.

I believe virtual reality can change this because it creates a real sense of place, a feeling of actually being somewhere.


And when multiple people share that virtual place, the physical dissonance recedes and collaboration seems more natural because we feel like we’re actually together.


This is why I believe collaboration will be one of the killer applications for VR, and it’s why we’re excited to be investors in Bigscreen, an app that lets people bring their 2D desktops into a shared virtual space to work or play together in VR.


The app has seen great adoption and reviews among early VR users, many of them spending hours inside Bigscreen as they write code, watch movies or play games.


Welcome, Bigscreen, to the True portfolio! You are an exciting addition to our community.

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