Will VR Sex Turn Lives Into A Black Mirror Episode?

Will VR Sex Turn Lives Into A Black Mirror Episode?
November 10, 2016

The future of sex is often bizarre, always exciting, and occasionally very philosophical. New tech, like virtual reality, makes it possible to live out fantasies that in the past could only have played on TV or in our heads. And bringing our fantasies to life can raise some interesting–and often nerve-wracking–questions.


Recently, Broadly spoke to people with macrophilia–a fetish for giants–about their plans to use virtual reality to make their fantasies come true. Eighty-foot-tall women are unlikely to exist any time soon, but using the new tech, computer-generated giants can be created in a virtual world–allowing people with this fetish an unprecedented opportunity to gaze adoringly upwards at incomprehensibly massive bottoms. But it's not just those with unusual fetishes–VR could put a whole bunch of fantasies into the hands of we mere mortals.


Right now, all you need to watch VR porn is a smartphone, a headset, and a spare five minutes. You pop your phone into the headset (budget headsets will set you back $20-25–they're basically just plastic helmets you strap to your face), then watch one of the many virtual reality porn videos available online. Most are simple POV scenes: shot with one performer "wearing" the camera on their head and being fellated/shagged/treated to a sexy dance by another hot performer. Those are the basics, and that's what you can mainly expect from porn production studios at the moment. But let's examine some of the future fantasies that could be fulfilled given a bit more time and imagination.

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