Which VR Tribe Do You Belong To?

Which VR Tribe Do You Belong To?
August 25, 2019

Long before our lives were forever changed by touchscreens, Snapchat, and autocorrect, there existed a dream. A dream that one day we would be able to live entire lives from the comfort of our couch—no sunscreen, bug spray, or human interaction required. In recent years, virtual reality has become a cultural and technological phenomenon, bringing us one step closer to a living room full of experience. What’s more fulfilling than stubbing your toe on the coffee table while trying to pop a cap in E.T.? Nothing. We’re not alone in our enthusiasm. Here are some types of people that rock those colossal VR headsets.

The Gamer

We all have at least one friend (maybe you are that friend) who got their hands on an Oculus Rift headset. The gamer is the impressively calculated person who mobs at Fortnite and PUBG, button smashing with the best of them. When VR first became domesticated, everyone wanted to go over to their gamer friend's house and test out the new gear. It was a blast. People stumbled around and got way more into it than they expected. Now, your gamer friend is just down in his basement alone, breaking Superhot records, wondering where everyone went.

The Porn Aficionado

Before VR, all porn enthusiasts could really do to enhance their “experience” was buy the biggest televisions, the best surround sound systems, and then brag to their friends about how epic their cave of ill repute was. Now, they can delete their Tinder and lock the door as POV takes on a whole new meaning. The ceiling’s the limit.

The Lazy Gym Rat

Those people who enjoy biking through gorgeous terrain, throwing down at their local dojo, and scoring some fresh workout gear at Forever 21 no longer need to waste their money on pedals, karate gis, or shorts. They can just pick up an HTC Vive for $14.99 and sweat up their apartments (or go to dance class and be obnoxious like that guy) as they punch and kick the air. There are virtual exercise games that can pretty much simulate any experience.  

The Warrior

The police and the military are implementing VR as a tool to put their men and women in virtual combat situations to appropriately and safely fine-tune their reactions and crane kicks. 

The Commendably Employed

VR isn’t just a toy. Doctors are using it to simulate surgery, engineers are using it to simulate engineering, and educators are educating with it. Teachers can now time travel to key events in history, explore the ocean, and provide a more in-depth look at the human body. Sex ed will never be the same.


We’ve all seen videos of parents, grandparents, and drunk uncles trying on those headsets at Christmas. Their reactions are both terrifying and hilarious. The tourist approach to VR is a reoccurring and thoroughly entertaining phenomenon.

Everyone Else

Really though, who doesn’t want to be a Jedi? That guy has never felt more confident.

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