What 'Normal' People Think When They See 'Us'

What 'Normal' People Think When They See 'Us'
March 24, 2018

In this new photo series, Vice has been collecting some of our favorite photographs and asked for people's help captioning them. Every week, they throw a new photo up on their Instagram and cull the best captions that capture the current mood.


This week, Vice featured a photo shot by Julian Master that tackles a divisive and emotionally charged facet of American life—air travel. At a time when airlines are failing their passengersand our pets, this picture of a guy using VR mid-flight got more than 2,000 responses. Although all of them were awesome (and mostly porn-related), we could only pick a few to feature on VICE.com.


Here are some of our favorites:

- Sir it's time to put away all electron... THEY ARE MY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES!!—@lheals79

- Now boarding to Cleveland... Bitch I'm already in Aruba.—@aciaccia

- When your crush passes by you and you try to act normal—@_ana__88

- They’re prescription, OK.—@meetyourcoach

- After discovering the last copy of SkyMall@joanna_kulesza

- Define a "real emergency..."—@wmanville

- Todd has been hit by driverless cars in the past. He's not taking any chances this time.—@corlerwer

- The new radical emergency exit training protocol.—@jetsmyth

- I knew I shouldn't have had that cornea transplant in Singapore.—@two_coast_ghost

- It wasn't until 30,000 feet somewhere over the Great Lakes did Glen realize he needed to seek help for a porn addiction.—@mrjak1979

- Charging tablet for human Uber...—@chronic_cross

- They told him with his bonus flyer miles he could fly virtually anywhere in the world.... he just wished they had been a little more clear.—@lakesidejosh

- I still don't understand why nobody ever sits next to me.—@papa_demps

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