Watch: Airport Uses VR To Promote Korean Culture

Watch: Airport Uses VR To Promote Korean Culture
October 31, 2016

Incheon International Airport in South Korea has been helping foreign passengers experience South Korean culture, thanks to a virtual reality campaign promoting the airport by PR firm Plan Alliance.
The VR campaign, which ran over three days in September, virtually transported passengers to different places in South Korea, offering them the opportunity to sample Korean food, taekwondo, fashion and a parade celebrating the King and Queen of the historic Joseon dynasty.
While still immersed in the VR worlds, passengers were asked by their hosts to remove their headsets (see video below) - to be met with a live presentation of the demonstrations.
Plan Alliance said the campaign was created to raise awareness of the airport as a multi-platform hub, and provide foreign passengers with "entertainment and memorable experiences". It had been viewed nearly two million times on the airport's English language Facebook page at time of publication.
Check out the video and see what happens when passengers take off the VR(Virtual Reality) headsets! Watch how Incheon Airport surprises them with Korean culture!

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