VRrOOm Africa VR Tour Kicks Off In Dakar, Senegal

VRrOOm Africa VR Tour Kicks Off In Dakar, Senegal
February 15, 2017

VRrOOm partners with Smart Valleys for a 6 month-journey across Africa to discover the regional and local ecosystems and understand the needs of the young African entrepreneurs and business students.


Smart Valleys is a non-profit organization which aims at meeting key players of emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems.


Louis Schieber, Marketing Manager for Europe and Africa at VRrOOm and founding partner of Smart Valleys, decided to add a new feature to the Smart Valleys project and to conduct a virtual reality discovery tour across Africa, organising virtual reality initiations in universities, schools as well as with the people they meet on their path.


Thanks to the help of Trustin Africa, VRrOOm's first VR discovery event in Africa was held two days ago at ESTG - Ecole Supérieure des Techniques de Gestion in Dakar, Senegal, where students and future entrepreneurs tried virtual reality games for the first time: watch the video here!

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