VR Users Find Games Less Satisfying Than Videos

VR Users Find Games Less Satisfying Than Videos
March 18, 2017
Photo: Flickr user Congres in Beeld DT

Virtual reality games may get most of the press (and the development resources) but a new study suggests that VR users actually prefer doing other things when they've strapped on their headset.


The study, by Frank N. Magid Associates, found that among those who use VR, 72% said they enjoyed things like short videos and TV experiences, while 63%–still a good number–liked the games they'd played. All told, 89% of respondents who'd bought a VR headset said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied," and 61% said their gear had performed better than they'd expected. Fully 90% said they thought their device was easy or very easy to use, an interesting number given that some VR systems, especially high-end tethered platforms like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, can come across as a bit intimidating. In the end, the numbers should give consumer VR companies a reason to feel good even as they struggle to grow their still-relatively nascent technology to true mainstream status.

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