VR Surgery Videos For Interactive Medical Education

VR Surgery Videos For Interactive Medical Education
September 26, 2016
Dutch startup MDLinking hopes to globalize communication between students and medical care professionals with virtual reality content

Launched in May 2016, MDLinking sought to connect eight and a half million doctors around the world, each sharing their own individual expertise and background with one another. Inspired by the mobile messaging app WhatsApp, as well as the business-oriented social media site LinkedIn, MDLinking allows health care professionals to discuss clinical cases in a secure, encrypted environment. After a successful app launch, MDLinking hopes to further accentuate its knowledge sharing platform by featuring a catalogue of hands-on, virtual reality teaching videos. The video service was created with help from WeMakeVR, an Amsterdam-based virtual reality developer. Combining computer animation, first-person perspective and 360º VR footage, viewers can experience the operation from a variety of angles. The interface also allows viewers to toggle through specific sections of the operation. Dr. Gijs van Acker, who created educational videos for his vascular surgery website over a decade ago, collaborated with founder Hans Flu on the creation of the VR-enabled videos. According to van Acker, their goal was to create a tool with “the potential to shape, quality, and accessibility of the entire medical education system.” The instructional operations are available for free WeMakeVR’s mobile app, though they do require Virtual Reality Headsets.

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