VR Sex Education Will Hit The Classroom

VR Sex Education Will Hit The Classroom
January 26, 2017

Sex education? Of course, pupils will learn about it in virtual reality. How to put a condom on a banana – that’s what most adults today remember from their sex education classes.


But the facts of life will get a lot more intimate in years to come. It’s only a matter of time until VR sex education hits the classroom.


Learning first-hand


BaDoinkVR is the adult entertainment company behind world’s first virtual reality sex education and therapy experience.


Today it’s already holding Virtual Sexology lessons.


Currently however, the programme is a veryadult experience, where porn star August Ames informs users how to have healthier relationships, overcome sexual disorders, and enhance pleasure.


Clips are shot from a POV perspective, can be paired with internet-connected sex toys, and include tips on breathing techniques and mindfulness methods to keep the user calm during sex. Sadly, all are aimed at men.


Virtual learning


Now though, BaDoinkVR’s Head of Production Xavi Clos has said that virtual reality may well be used to teach kids in the classroom – especially “as VR porn becomes more mainstream”.


We agree.


The idea of VR learning isn’t new. People with conditions schizophrenia and paranoia are already using the medium to train themselves to better handle difficult environments, andThe Memo‘s editor Alex Wood even used VR to overcome his fear of needles.


VR education is also set to reinvent the curriculum – and is pegged to be more popular than VR gaming.


It’s a transformation that’s already happening; 500,000 British schoolkids have already been on a virtual reality field trip.


And these experiences are in addition to all the cool educational VR bookstoys and gamesthat are helping children develop outside of the classroom.


VR sex ed makes sense


The great thing about VR learning is that it not only allows students to see Egypt’s pyramids, you can see anything in the world from a new perspective.


Programmes like Google Expeditions already allow schoolkids to tour the inside workings of the human body, and experience the far away reaches of outer space.


Just think how much easier it would be to understand the mechanics of an erection, an orgasm, a pregnancy or an abortion, if you could see what happening to our bodies on the inside.


Would you have acted any differently if someone who’d experienced an STD appeared to tell you how it had affected them first-hand?


Showing the realities of sex more immersively could even help correct the distorted view teenagers develop when online porn is their only educational source.


Virtual reality is already transforming subjects like history, science and geography. It only makes sense it shapes up sex ed too. Our kids deserve better than bananas and condoms.

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