VR Program Aids In Overdose Response Training

VR Program Aids In Overdose Response Training

Students and staff members at Ohio University's College of Heath Sciences in Athens created a virtual reality program that helps train individuals on how to respond to an opioid overdose.


The program shows two college students who find a friend experiencing an overdose in a dorm room.


"Using virtual reality goggles, the person can turn around and see everything. … When you look down, you can see them going through the bag looking for Narcan," Sherleena Buchman, PhD, MSN, BSN, assistant professor at Ohio University's nursing school who helped make the program, said in a press release.


She said she hopes the program will help students and community members know how to appropriately respond to an overdose and administer Narcan. Dr. Buchman also said her team plans to design another version of the program to serve as a teaching tool for nursing students.

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