VR Playhouse Offers Interactive 360 Experience

VR Playhouse Offers Interactive 360 Experience
November 2, 2016

Photo Credit- wearewhereyouat360.com
Thanks to Facebook and YouTube, 360 degree videos are becoming more popular each day. But most interactive 360 video experiences force users to switch between videos, rather than layering the ‘Easter egg’ content on top of the existing 360 video.
Los Angeles-based creative studio VR Playhouse wants to take a different approach.
Teaming up with Boost Mobile, ChopShop and Master of Shapes, the company has built an interactive and browser-friendly 360 video experience.
Hosted at wearewhereyouat360.com the 360 video experience works natively regardless of the web browser, device, or operating system. It doesn’t even need a download or plugin.
The interface allows for interactive “call to action” hotspots to engage viewers by exploring additional behind-the-scenes content. It is also compatible with mobile devices.
“We’re building a pipeline as an additional option for getting 360 and VR experiences out to the world.” Ian Forester, the CCO and Co Founder of VR Playhouse told Haptical. “We feel it’s an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers, campaigners, and cause-based advocates.” he added.

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