VR Performers Bring Social Media Alive

VR Performers Bring Social Media Alive
July 19, 2018

#SOCIALMEDIALIVE – a festival of everything that’s now, that’s new and all in the flesh at the RDS on October 25th, 2018


Wednesday, 18th July 2018: Social Media went into meltdown today when a group of VR-wearing, futuristic looking folk started popping up all over Dublin with “Social Media, What’s Next?” emblazoned on their pink jumpsuits, giving the public a glimpse at just one of the tech trends coming around the corner.  #SOCIALMEDIALIVE trended as commuters took to social media looking for explanations for what they were witnessing. Now we can reveal today’s commotion, which dramatised the new ways in which social media engages and disengages from us and the people around us, was part of the official launch of Social Media Live, a new festival that will showcase the latest technologies that are changing social media in the RDSon October 25th, 2018.


The festival will gather world-renowned experts and influencers working at the cutting edge of social media to present their insights, their knowledge, their predictions and their fears about the radical changes coming across social media.


Speaking about the launch of Social Media Live, Dave Smyth, Group CEO of Cogs & Marvel, said:

“Social Media Live is a festival of everything that’s brand new, that’s cutting edge, and that’s exciting the people who are shaping the future of Social Media. Our speakers’ presentations will focus on their most current experience of how Social Media is changing right now and where they see it transitioning to. The day will provide attendees with multiple opportunities to get face to face with our global experts to ask the questions that matter to them, so they can continue to be the best-informed professionals in social media.”


Social Media Live is the moment of collision. It’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about how Social Media is changing right now, including lots of things that you didn’t even know you need to know. The one-day event will focus on tensions affecting how social media is used and will be used. What real news media are doing to fight back against fake news, and why satirists are increasingly seen as reliable sources of truth in the news.


How Facebook’s move into broadcasting football will change second screen viewing and significantly increase the data available to advertisers about who is watching what and where they are watching it. How marketers, influencers, and media are using new technologies in exciting and engaging new ways.

Pic: Marc O’Sullivan


Early bird tickets for Social Media Live are now on sale at a cost of €280 and can be purchased at www.socialmedialive.ie, along with further information on exhibitions and conference sponsorship opportunities.


Early bird tickets are available until September 13th, 2018 and can be purchased at www.socialmedialive.ie


For further information on Social Media Live and a list of confirmed speakers to date, visit www.socialmedialive.ie




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Facebook: Social Media Live https://www.facebook.com/smldublin/


Website: https://socialmedialive.ie/

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