VR Near Death Experiences Are Now A Reality

VR Near Death Experiences Are Now A Reality
August 16, 2017

Have you ever had an NDE Near Death Experience? Now you can in virtual reality (VR).


As a purveyor of spiritual and metaphysical experiences and when I was at the Scare LAhorror convention event over the weekend of August 7th; I encountered a most unusual ambulance with a long line. Curiosity got me and on the side was the “Flatline Experience”, a virtual reality near death experiences. Intriguing me I couldn’t resist to try and get in but I had limited time and handed them my card in hopes of writing this very article.


Sadly I didn’t get to experience the Flatline on the spot, however after delivering my card, Julian the creator contacted me to write this very article. Of course I have read articles on NDEs and talked to many people who have said to experience them. I have not experienced an NDE directly and wanted to give the experience a shot. Upon arriving at the office Julian welcomed me to and we began a major philosophical discussion about the nature of death. He explained that all of the experiences are based on the research of over 2000 interviews about NDEs from the last 50 years. They choose 6 in the “first season” and they were adults. According to Julian only 16% of NDEs are negative and bad experiences, which are necessary for the purposes of attracting the attention of people interested in the experience.

I sat down in the chair and Julian put on my head the VR goggles, this was truly magnificent technology, but sadly no ambulance. After the intro I woke up in the perspective of a bed by a lady who just had a miscariage and was near death. Her words where covered by a voice actress and she narrated the experience and I witnessed her NDE. I will not spoil the experience for with you but I will tell you is corresponded with many of the views of my own interpretations of NDEs. It was mystical, amazing and deep. Once the experience was over I profoundly was effected. It is said dying and coming back has a profound effect of people and the Flatineline Experience gives you a taste of how and why this can effect you, without the dying of course.

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