Body And Soul: This Love Doll Is Waiting For You

Body And Soul: This Love Doll Is Waiting For You
July 25, 2017

In case real-life love dolls are even too much commitment for you, VR versions are finally here—complete with togglable settings for your viewing pleasure. 

Indie developer Meshed VR is in the midst of completing ‘Virt-A-Mate’—an adults-only simulated doll that could help ease the nerves of gamers after hard game levels. 

“The goal of this project was to make realistic characters using a combination of realistic joint physics, soft body physics, skin-accurate collisions, and advanced rendering techniques… The characters can [also] react to your movements or objects you control in a realistic manner.” 

Meshed VR has launched a free demo for boys who might have taken up a sudden interested in dolls. The simulator is currently available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users. 

In this non-explicit video released by Rob Cram, you’ll be able to observe the realism of these “dolls” and what they can do. Watch it below. 

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