VR Internet Traffic To Increase 61x By 2020

VR Internet Traffic To Increase 61x By 2020
February 19, 2017

If you've ever felt anxiety about the arrival of a new social network and what it means for your organization's communication strategy, you are not alone. Here's a heads-up to bring comfort.


The social media world isn't the wild frontier that it used to be.


Every time a new platform pops up, however, you have to determine whether your audience would spend time there and whether it's worth your while to invest time, money and resources on it. 


An infographic by MDG Advertising shares five social media predictions for 2017. Read up, and adjust your communications plan accordingly.


The predictions:

1. Social media will continue to transform communication. OK, we had to start with an easy one.

2. Employees will become important social media ambassadors. Sixty-five percent of organizations say employee advocacy leads to better brand recognition.

3. Content will become more immersive. Virtual reality internet traffic is estimated to increase 61 times by 2020.

4. Many social networks will tout the same features. For example, Facebook now rivals YouTube as a top destination for online video.

5. Organizations will focus on fewer social networks. With so many social media channels boasting the same features, it's becoming less necessary to have a presence on all of them.

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