VR Helps Activists Fight Animal Abuse

VR Helps Activists Fight Animal Abuse
August 4, 2017

Currently, virtual reality is being used in various ways to promote the good in the world. Whether it’s education, activists, or charity events, VR helps users engage in an immersive way to bring more awareness to the cause. One of the notable causes we’ve recently discovered was with an organimzation called Animal Equality.


Animal Equality is the first animal rights organization to use VR in its fight against animal abuse. They even took it one step further and released their own “iAnimal” series of videos that depict the bad treatment applied to animals in farms. They claim that more that 63 million people have viewed the videos so far and expect to double that figure within the next months.

After Animal Equality adopted VR as a platform, other leading organizations picked-up the trend and released their own VR videos to display how animals were being abused. One of the most recent such videos was released this month from a pig farm. The scenes described could easily be used in a horror movie with pigs eating other dead pigs and things that are hard to be described. The video was shot at Circle Four factory which is one of the biggest pork producers in the country. Of course, all the videos released so far by animal-rights organizations were denied and some of the companies even claimed the events were staged.


However, these extremely vivid 360 videos has helped to make a huge impact on the viewers and allowed viewers to understand the pain and suffering these animals go through.


They’ve even conducted polls on the streets asking participants on their thoughts about animal cruelty. For those that weren’t aware of what goes on behind closed doors were given an opportunity to check out some of the 360 videos. And apparently, the old expression that “seeing is believing” still stands true.


Animal Equality exemplifies how the new medium can create catapulting results for users with life-changing VR experiences. While the content may be dark, it helps bring realization to what’s actually going on in the world in a vivid way that may help spark changes in life.

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