VR Headsets Are Ready To Take You Places

VR Headsets Are Ready To Take You Places
May 29, 2018

WHETHER YOU’RE BEAMING up to the Enterprise or crashing your friend’s destination wedding from your sofa, these headsets take you there.


HTC Vive Pro
Best for: Holodeck dreamers
HTC’s first Vive headset was the pinnacle of home VR; the new Vive Pro improves on every feature. Paired with a powerful PC, the Pro transforms your room into a near-limitless virtual gamescape. Cyberspace gets more immersive thanks to a higher-res display for each eye and integrated headphones with 3-D audio. The optional wireless adapter frees you from pesky cords.


Lenovo Mirage Solo
Best for: Casual enthusiasts
The VR ideal is a stand-alone headset, with no phone or PC required. The Mirage Solo doesn’t require either, but it can play any of the mobile games available in Google’s Daydream store. Connect to Wi-Fi, and the Mirage Solo’s motion controller and ­space-sensing exterior cameras grant full freedom of movement, letting you duck and dodge during play.

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