VR Firearms Training Sim Launched For SA Police

VR Firearms Training Sim Launched For SA Police
July 20, 2017

A NEW state-of-the-art virtual reality firearms training simulator has been launched at the Police Academy.


The new system is the first upgrade of the SA Police training simulator in more than 10 years.


Deputy commissioner Linda Williams said the 300-degree simulator at the Taperoo-based academy will provide improved firearms training to officers.


“The VirTra virtual reality simulator firearms and Tactical Option Simulator provides police officers with highly realistic and interactive scenarios, enhancing existing response training,” she said.


“The system uses a range of screens and scenarios to train police to handle real-world situations as well testing factors such as communication skills, de-escalation and appropriate responses.”


The simulator includes realistic 3D audio and special effects.

The training incorporates a simulated live fire range but no live ammunition is used.


Police Minister Peter Malinauskas said the State Government provided $480,000 to buy the simulator.


“This is a welcomed upgrade of the system already used to train police in the use of a full range of tactical options including firearms, electronic control devices and capsicum spray,” he said.


“The unit, installed in the academy’s Scenario Village in June, has been successfully used by other police jurisdictions and supports live fire training currently provided to SAPOL officers.”

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