VR Finds New Niche In Aged Care

VR Finds New Niche In Aged Care
March 27, 2020

Jarrah Cohen at Sydney company NomadVR uses a very different key performance indicator for success. It is how many of their clients have “cried tears of joy” during the week.


Cohen is the chief executive and co-founder of NomadVR. It is a virtual reality start-up that is taking the technology into Sydney's aged care facilities and nursing homes.


“The catalyst for me was visiting my grandfather in the dementia ward of an aged care facility, and seeing what an under stimulating environment he was in,” said Cohen.


“You don’t need long term studies to know that being in a small room with nothing but free to air television and a view of the car park from your window is not very stimulating. Just seeing his cognitive decline once he entered aged care inspired us to focus on aged care specifically.”


Cohen and his co-founder Trent Billington studied three-dimensional animation and video game design. They were also early users of Oculus Rift VR development kits.

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