VR Can Improve Student's Job Interviewing Skills

VR Can Improve Student's Job Interviewing Skills
February 6, 2019

One of the most exciting emerging technologies is virtual reality: whether you are walking through an art museum thousands of miles from your home or swooping down into a volcano, VR promises amazing experiences to its users. One potential area of VR use that is just beginning to merit some attention is using VR to prepare students for job interviews. Given how important an interview can be—and how little experience students have with them—it is no surprise that a job interview can turn into a stressful or unpleasant situation that does not feature a student at his or her best. VR is one potentially powerful tool that can change this dynamic and allow students to shine.


A Growing Market

There are already a few companies that offer VR-enhanced preparation for job interviews. The field is new, and purchasers are cautioned to be informed before they make a commitment. But the technology exists, and it is already on the market, and—if it is well done—it might benefit the students who most need a boost because they are the most disconnected from the world of work.


Practice Makes Perfect

VR preparation can help students master many different situations related to a job interview that might be vexing. For example, it can give them the experience of giving a speech in front of a large audience before they have to give a real speech for the first time.


If the VR is persuasive enough, the student will experience all of the (usually unpleasant) psychological sensations that can accompany high-stress situations and then be psychologically prepared for the main event when it happens. By incorporating what we know about experiential learning, VR can make it possible for students to practice in ways that are most conducive to improving their performance.


VR in the Actual Interview

Another likely application of VR to the interviewing process may occur as employers ask applicants to use VR as part of the interview process to, for example, demonstrate their skills or abilities in a simulated context. As this practice becomes more common, experience with VR as part of the preparation for a job interview will become even more necessary so that students are prepared for the VR portion of the interview.


This field is still new, and it is somewhat difficult to predict how exactly VR will be used in job interviews in the next decade. But the potential is there for students who practice with VR to have a more successful job interview experience.

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