VR Can Help You Shed A Few Pounds In Spin Class

VR Can Help You Shed A Few Pounds In Spin Class
December 19, 2016

VR is big business in gaming, but maybe it can help us shed a few pounds too. Global fitness chain Les Mills unveiled The Trip earlier this year. It's a cycling class that uses virtual reality tech to spice up your spinning.


The class is spreading around the world and will reach Japan next March at a new Cycle & Studio R gym in Shibuya, Tokyo. It already has a few locations in the US, including New York and Los Angeles. And it's available in London.


The VR experience cycles you and a group through exotic locations, offering some motivation when you inevitably lose the will to continue. It's not the first time fitness has crossed paths with virtual reality, following the likes of Icaros and HoloFit. Unlike those programs, though, The Trip doesn't require a headset.


Instead, it uses a huge screen that spans a 120-degree viewing angle to act as one giant headset for the whole class, so there are no cables and less tumbling over.


Though VR is currently geared toward gamers, with platforms such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive requiring powerful gaming rigs to use, it's also about offering an experience. Sony, for instance, just released the PSVR title "Perfect", which puts you in one of three relaxing locations where you can interact with a non-threatening world at your own pace.

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