VR Brings U.S. Landmarks To Our Classrooms

VR Brings U.S. Landmarks To Our Classrooms
July 7, 2017

My students need 7 Virtual Reality headsets, 7 unlocked phones, and equipment storage boxes so my students can become immersed in learning about the rain forest and landmarks throughout the United States.


My Students


I teach twenty-six happy and excited to learn third graders, and all day long we have fun growing and thinking, and trying our best. My students learn best when I generate excitement for learning. Having Virtual Reality headsets in our classroom will bring the USA and the rain forests right to my students!


Our school specializes in integrating art and technology with our academic subjects.


I teach at a wonderful, small multicultural school located in Los Angeles. We have students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Over 35% of the students at our school qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, and everyone receives free breakfast daily.


My Project


This project was inspired by another DonorsChoose.org project, "Around the World in 180 Days!" I have requested 7 Virtual Reality headsets and 7 unlocked phones to run the headsets. The third grade Social Studies curriculum in California focuses on our community, the Native Americans who once lived here, and the natural and man made landmarks in the United States. Imagine experiencing our country's landmarks through the lens of Virtual Reality headsets!


My students will become immersed in learning about key landmarks, writing about them, and creating a landmark advertisement so other students at our school learn about these landmarks too.


I begin the school year teaching my students how important it is to protect the rain forests in the world. Besides learning about landmarks in the United States, this project will also help my students see the rain forest using Virtual Reality headsets. Imagine my students' excitement when they are transported to the rain forest, looking up at a three-toed sloth. Then they move to the right and see a toucan. This enriching experience is sure to mesmerize my students and stay with them forever.


My students live just 30 minutes from the ocean, but many have never been there, so these resources will help expand my students' world! Through Virtual Reality, my students will be able to experience different locations while using their bodies to navigate around. They will begin their journey by strapping on a headset that has an unlocked cell phone placed in it. These phones will ONLY be used with the Virtual Reality headsets and stored in the boxes I have requested.


My students will read about landmarks and rain forests, experience them with the Virtual Reality headsets, and write about them too. Your help donating to this project is appreciated!


Where Your Donation Goes

Project Activity


If you donated to this project, you can sign in to leave a comment for Mrs. Kugelman here.

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