VR In Action: Put An Audi On The Moon

VR In Action: Put An Audi On The Moon
September 27, 2016

Virtual reality (VR) is not just “cool” technology, it is an effective way to deepen relationships between brands and consumers.
That is the basis on which Audi is planning to start rolling out VR headsets across European dealerships in Q4. Marcus Kuehne, strategy lead of Audi’s Immersive Business unit, told Dmexco delegates that the commercial decision was based on enhancing engagement with customers, not just configuring cars. “We’re very keen not to call our technology a VR configurator,” he said.
“We offer a lot of functionality with VR, but it’s a new experience through which people can build an emotional, closer relationship with the brand. You may not be able to catch a flight to look at one of our famous classic cars, for example, but you can take a tour of it and even put it on the moon with VR.”
A demonstration video of the more everyday showroom use of Audi’s VR technology was played to delegates to show how the dealership of the future, which Audi is starting to roll out, will get customers far more actively engaged in personalising their next car. “It’s the only way we can show all 52 models in our range to a customer in a showroom,” he explained.
“It’s also the only way we can allow them to check out every optional extra. They can change the paint and the interior and have a lot of fun building a car to their personal taste. You can motion to open the car door and actually stick your head through the door and take a look around, you can even stare through the bonnet and look around the engine.”
For Kuehne, any brand in the future that wants to get closer to customers and take them on an emotional journey, will need to invest in VR. Without new experiences that combine innovative functions with an immersive, emotional experience, brands will struggle to attract new customers and retain their loyalty, he surmised. - Read more at: http://scl.io/aLVw8TcN#gs.Ct0omv4

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