Using VR To Show The Danger Of Blind Spots

Using VR To Show The Danger Of Blind Spots
December 26, 2018

Virtual reality apps aims to educate foreign drivers about blind spots and adjusting their mirrors.


Highways England is responsible for the country’s motorways and major A roads, and has worked with our Human Factors team to develop a free app which aims to educate HGV drivers about blnd spots.


The VR-based app simulates 5 road safety scenarios for both left and right hand drive vehicles to stress the importance of adjusting mirrors to cater for driving in the UK:

- mirror adjustment

- identifying vehicles in blind spots

- joining a motorway from a slip road

- overtaking

- tailgating


We hope this interative-twist on driver training will help raise awareness of blind spots and improve road safety, particularly amonst truckers. The virtual reality app is just an example of the safety initiatives that Highways England has developed as part of its commercial vehicle incident prevention programme. 


Download the app:



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