Using VR To Keep Long Distance Relationships Hot

Using VR To Keep Long Distance Relationships Hot
November 20, 2017


Taking your relationship long-distance can be a defining step that proves how strong your love is—or it can be a recipe for disaster. Seriously, who wants to be separated from the person they love for any extended period of time? But whether it’s school, a job, or even that week apart for your bachelor and bachelorette parties, you might wake up one morning with all sorts of space between you and your partner.


While it might not seem like it when you’re together every day, putting miles between you and your partner will really hammer home the fact that your sex life plays a huge role in your connection to one another. Take it away, and you’ll be missing a lot more than hearing their voice! We love phone calls, FaceTime, and handwritten lettersjust as much as the next hopeless romantic, but sometimes you need a little more to keep the love alive, which is where modern technology comes in. No matter how many miles are between the two of you, these apps and products are bridging the distance and keeping things spicy until you’re back together again.




Have you ever casually squeezed your partner’s hand as you walked down the street, or given them a little hug or nudge as you were watching TV on the couch? Those little touches are a silent way to say “I love you,” and are one of those big things you’re probably missing when your relationship is long-distance…until now. HEY is an innovative bracelet that mimics the gentle squeeze of human touch. Here’s how it works: You and your partner each wear one of the HEY bracelets, connected via Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. If you want to just say “Hi” or “I’m thinking of you,” give your bracelet a squeeze, and your partner will feel your touch, even on the other side of the world. Is your partner heading into a huge meeting? Send a squeeze. Are you off to bed? A squeeze goodnight is almost as good as a kiss. The best part? It’s silent (no buzzing!), so only you know it’s happening. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a touch worth? (HEY Bracelet, €99,00)


We-Vibe & We-Connect


Head into the bedroom together, whether you’re both there or not. We-Vibe’s collection of couples’ products is all about sensation, and the We-Connect app takes it to the next level. The Sync is an adjustable vibrator designed for maximum G-spot and clitoral stimulation, Pivot is a penis ring that provides hands-free clitoral stimulation during sex, and Verge is a penis ring with added vibrating perineum stimulation. No matter what your plans are between the sheets, there’s a vibrator for the two of you. The best part, though, is that Sync, Verge, and Pivot are all connected to the We-Connect app, so you can control your partner’s sensations, no matter how far apart you are. Adjust the intensity, switch up the vibration patterns, or even create a pre-set pattern that you know will take your partner to the edge. Then when you’re back together again, keep the We-Vibe products at hand for whenever the mood strikes. (We-Vibe Vibrators, prices vary)



Brandy & Tyler | Lake Como, Italy



Looking for a little more? That’s where teledildonics comes in. This futuristic concept ups the ante with male masturbation sleeves, rabbit vibrators, and even a butt plug. Nora is a rabbit vibrator with rotating and vibration abilities, Max is a male masturbator with air pumps and vibrations to simulate vaginal penetration, and Hush is the first teledildonic butt plug, designed for comfort, safety, and powerful pleasure. The Lovense Body Chat app gives you full control over your own (or your partner’s) toy, and adds text and video chat options for the ultimate phone sex. You can even set your toys up to vibrate and move along with music. Feeling frisky? Pick up a pair for you and your partner. (Lovense Vibrators, prices vary)

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