USC Fertility Clinic Uses VR To Collect Sperm

USC Fertility Clinic Uses VR To Collect Sperm
July 27, 2017

VR is taking men away from a cold, sterile clinic and into a world that makes the grand finale a little easier.


From the minute we saw our first VR headset, we knew porn production companies would be in love with the idea. Here's a case where one such company is doing it for the greater good.


Motherboard (probably not safe for work) tells us that VR Bangers (age restricted and definitely NSFW) aims to provide standalone VR headsets chock-full o' porn to fertility clinics so that men can feel more comfortable while they do the deed. The first clinic to use these headsets isUSC Fertility (this one is safe for work), part of the Los Angeles-based University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.


The clinic was provided with AuraVisor standalone headsets stocked with 12 "premium" adult videos, and new videos can be added at any time by copying them directly to an SD card.


VR Bangers is said to be talking with other fertility centers and sperm banks to expand the program.


We're behind any idea that can ease stress and help couples who are having difficulty becoming pregnant, but our first thought echoes one brought up by Motherboard: How will you see the cup?

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