US Soldiers Train For War With VR Game Headsets

US Soldiers Train For War With VR Game Headsets
June 5, 2017

The US Army is creating virtual reality headsets for soldiers to see the battlefield as if they are in a video game. Watch the video here.


Squaddies wearing the gear can more clearly tell between comrades and enemies and receive GPS locations or use night vision.

Dubbed ‘Tactical Augmented Reality’, or TAR, the new tech has been likened to top shoot em’ up Call Of Duty and spells the dawn of a new type of cyber-soldier.


It is designed to replace handheld GPS devices and frees soldiers up to keep their finger on the trigger while moving through hostile terrain.


And the system can be linked to gun-scopes, meaning they can peep over walls with their rifles and see the area without putting their heads in the firing line.


Nato tanks battle it out at the US Army’s Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany in Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017. Watch the video here.

David Fellowes, an electronics engineer at US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, debuted TAR at The Pentagon last month.


He said it will "provide soldiers with a much higher level of situational awareness than they currently have".

A US Army video details what the new technology could look like
Images can be beamed right into soldier's eyes with tiny screens


He added: "I fully expect that the devices will save lives and contribute to mission success."


While a date of manufacture has not been set, the Army says TAR is in the advanced stages of development.


In April, Army tech boffins unveiled a gun-toting robot designed to travel underwater and storm beaches as the first line of attack in future naval invasions.


The Multi-Tactical Transport Robot, or MUTT, can be fitted with a range of weapons including machine guns and mortars.


It can also be loaded with gear to transport across dangerous territory.


New US Army machine gun-wielding robots could storm Kim Jong-un’s beaches. Watch the video here.

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