US: Sharing VR With Families Is A Thing Now

US: Sharing VR With Families Is A Thing Now
December 28, 2016

According to a new survey by DabKick, conducted online by Propeller Insights, 28% of Americans would love to spend the holidays with their families in virtual reality (VR) and that video sharing will be popular this holiday season, especially as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family.


77% of Americans are interested in spending time with their families in virtual reality. 42% say they’d love to hang out with the family in VR when travel is too expensive to visit in person, 28% say they’d check in via VR when they are stuck working late at the office, and 24% would love to have family game night in VR, says the report.


According to the report, 87% of Americans agree there are benefits to watching a sporting event in VR instead of going to the sports bar. According to those surveyed, top benefits include: avoiding crowds (57%), cheaper drinks (41%) and easy access to the bathroom (39%).


Americans would also be game to pop on a VR headset and join friends in VR to watch a movie (46%), visit a theme park (36%), attend live performances (35%) and listen to a band (33%).


The report says that 100% of Americans plan to share videos via social networking or text message over the holidays. The reasons given for sharing all of these videos over the holidays include:

  • To keep in touch with friends and family – 78%
  • To entertain themselves when the holidays get boring – 69%
  • To watch favorite holiday movies online with friends and family – 68%
  • To watch product reviews to find the best products – 49%
  • To find people with similar interests – 26%


As for when all this video sharing will happen, Americans say this video sharing will happen while relaxing after the big holiday dinner (78%), over drinks with friends (50%) and at holiday parties (49%). 37% plan to share videos over family dinner itself, 36% will turn to videos while waiting in line holiday shopping, and 35% will share videos to stave off the boredom of holiday travel.


 When it comes to which kinds of videos Americans will be sharing, men and women were divided:

Concluding, the report says that 88% of Americans expect video sharing to change in 2017. 58% expect better integration between social networks and video sharing, 57% expect more content to become available for video sharing, and 35% look forward to “video share and chill” with long-distance friends. An additional 29% look forward to sharing videos in VR.


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