US Navy Uses VR When Recruiting In High Schools

US Navy Uses VR When Recruiting In High Schools
May 10, 2017

This week, the United States Navy is meeting with high school students across the Treasure Valley, but instead of flyers, they are showing students an immersive experience: 3-D Virtual Reality.


"Instead of just reading it, they are actually living the part," said James Condon, a Navy recruiter in the Boise office. "It shows them what they would actually be doing."


The traveling, interactive display allows students to "pilot" a mission to extract Navy SEALs from enemy territory. Wearing a headset, goggles, and a wearable chest pack, students can see, hear and feel the mission all around them.


Condon says it's all about connecting to a new generation.


"They are always on their phones, so why not do something that they can relate to," said Condon.


The NAVY will also visit Mountain View High on Wednesday, and Centennial High School on Friday.

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