Understanding When To Use VR For Marketing

Understanding When To Use VR For Marketing
November 6, 2016

Google’s storytellers have a quick way to rule up-or-down regarding whether to create a virtual reality experience: Can you tell the same story as well in 2D? If so, “no” on the VR.
This, according to Veronique Lafargue, the global head of content strategy at Google Apps for Work. The reason to not opt for VR is simple, because the process isn’t, she says. It takes a long time and requires a lot of work.
Lafargue shared a slide with this quote from Chris Grams of Red Hat: “Rather than starting from a point where you choose what to share, start from a point where you choose what not to share.”
Lafargue made this point because of marketers’ temptations to use all of the data they have. Granted, VR does require a lot of data, “but we wouldn’t be Google if we didn’t have the data.”
Still, she says in her presentation Content Marketing World 2016 titled “How to Create Content With the Big Three (Personal, Local, Experiential) In Mind,” stories need to convey emotion, or they won’t connect with consumers.
During her presentation last month in Cleveland, Lafargue also conveyed these points about what marketers should do when considering creating a VR experience:
Questions for Marketers Considering VR Campaigns
How will you promote it? Does it have a purpose? What experience do you want viewers to have? (Will marketers want the audience to be bystanders or immersed?)
Here’s what Google decided to create in VR:

Googler Veronique Lafargue guided audience members to virtual reality experiences through this QR Code
While not VR, video requires marketers to ask a similar question. Keynoter Lars Silberbauer, senior global director at LEGO Group, told content marketers that LEGO is a generic product that customers love.
“We basically don’t control anything, but we can leverage what is happening,” he says.
So LEGO lets users put themselves into the content — and that immersion is what really makes a difference, he says.
Enter the “kronkiwongi”:

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