Tyler: VR Needs Holograms To Trigger Empathy

Tyler: VR Needs Holograms To Trigger Empathy
January 12, 2017

Virtual reality is one of the best technologies available for building empathy by dropping us into the middle of a refugee camp and show us what life looks like in that space. But the actress and film maker Aisha Tyler is taking a different approach.


“Hologram technology may be integrated with VR technology to allow people in the camp interacting with the VR headset viewer. VR can be useful not just for bringing that place to you, but for bringing you to that place,” she said, speaking at a panel in Las Vegas as the 2017 CES Ambassador, — an honorary title to serve as a bridge between technology and media.


“If you read a book like Ready Player One you’ll see people putting haptics suits and dissapear in completely new and undiscovered immersive worlds. I am excited about the way the VR technology is going. But I am also excited about real world applications, like the VR headsets that allow surgeons to be more accurate on the way they operate on patients” Aisha told at the panel with Shawn DuBravac, CTA Chief Economist.


The American actress believes virtual reality offers exciting experiences but don’t think it’s quite there yet.


“When I put the headset on I am a beautiful caramel colored woman, and then when I look down myself in VR I am a white dude. I am waiting them to catch up with reality. It’s coming and I know that. I am excited about it. I am also looking forward to those headsets getting smaller, and making me look less like the Baine from Batman.”

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