Is There A Future For i-Gaming In AR?

Is There A Future For i-Gaming In AR?
May 4, 2018

What is the future of iGaming, in particular, online gambling? Will there be a place for Augmented Reality type of gameplay in the days to come? Or will online gambling remain a 2D type of gameplay offering?


When looking at the various gaming trends, one can easily see that online gambling is an industry that continues to reinvent itself and change in a dynamic fashion on a regular basis. If other sectors, such as Manufacturing, can find a place for AR, then surely an industry like iGaming (online gambling), which is prone to keeping abreast the technological advances and changes that arise in the digital world, is indeed a prime candidate for this type of forward-movement.


Is there (or will there be) a place for online gambling in the augmented reality (AR) world of gaming? The quick, straightforward answer is a resounding, YES.


Try catering to millennials, a generation that grew up playing interactive games, such as Xbox and PlayStation. The online gambling industry is met with challenges. If you want to appeal to this millennial generation, offer players a level of gameplay interaction that can go head-to-head with other game titles, genres, and themes.


As augmented reality increasingly offers workable solutions for game developers to tap into, as a means to provide engaging game titles for game players to enjoy, the much-needed amalgamation of social, skill-based and wagering games’ hybrids will take center stage in the world of iGaming.


The main difference between virtual reality (VR) gaming and augmented reality (AR) gaming lies in the fact that VR gaming players are inserted into a gameplay experience and environment, whereas with AR gaming, the players’ gameplay experience is brought to the player.


A workable example of what AR gaming looks like, perhaps the most well-known example of an augmented reality type of game, may be the gaming craze that took the world by storm when it was released in 2016, Pokemon Go. This type of AR gaming showed the world (the iGaming world as well) that augmented reality gameplay has landed, and those game players are just as eager to play this augmented type of environment as any other type of gameplay available.


By utilizing wearable technology, in the world of AR gaming, whether it takes the form of glasses or gloves, it is important to note that these wearable devices are specialized and specifically designed to augment one’s reality.


Online gambling and its players will be pleased to find that soon enough their gameplay experience will be enjoyed from just about anywhere. This is also a possibility for mobile casino game players, by using their various mobile devices and smartphones. AR gaming brings an entirely unique set of interactivity and engagement levels that are quite welcome, to say the least.


Given that AR gaming overlays a digital (virtual) environment atop one’s real-world environment, a wealth of exciting implications is offered for the iGaming world.


With the sheer popularity and drive that mobile devices and the built-in technology smartphone devices hold, the fact that the probability and availability of AR tech are becoming more of a real possibility is a great sign indeed. One could even go so far as to say that it is pretty much a given that AR gaming is making its way to online gambling players too.


For example, the iPhone X device and the development of Apple’s ARKit mean online casino players may be able to enjoy AR gameplay directly from their smartphone.


What this means for the future of online gambling is that even top-notch online casino brands, for instance, Party Casino, will surely be able to allow players the option of tapping into AR gameplay. Furthermore, we can honestly say that if AR gameplay becomes the online casino industries norm, we will not be surprised.


Although VR is a highly anticipated space many game players get involved in, we anticipate that AR will overtake VR in terms of popularity and usability.


We’ll keep watch for more AR developments in the world of online gambling and accordingly keep an eye out for more ingenious ways for augmentation of our reality to take the foreground of online gambling.

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