Survios: 'VR Is So Not Dead'

Survios: 'VR Is So Not Dead'
June 21, 2017

VR developer Survios has gotten some solid recognition for recent VR titles Raw Data a Sprint Vector, with the latter taking Shack's E3 VR Game of the Show. While VR's future in the market has been called into question recently, Survios Design Director Mike McTyre pushed back.


"VR is so not dead. It is sill growing," he told Shacknews in an interview. "They are still selling more Rifts. They are selling more Vives. They are selling more PlayStation VRs. The market is growing, albeit a little slower than people wanted it to, but the hardware's still pushing. And there's more hardware coming out later this year, too."


McTyre said that stories like that are not asking the right questions when it comes to the technology. "It's not a question of 'Is VR the future,'" he said. "It's 'How long is it going to take to get here.' It might just take a few more years than people anticipate."


Granted, Survios is a VR company that has its livelihood invested in the success of VR. "We just want VR to succeed in all forms," McTyre said. So his statements may be expected  But to paraphrase Mark Twain: The reports of VR's death appear to be greatly exaggerated.


The full exchange starts around 17:40.

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