Surgeries Shot In VR Come To Oculus Headsets

Surgeries Shot In VR Come To Oculus Headsets
February 21, 2019

Operating rooms are highly restricted environments that only patients and clinicians are normally allowed access to. They’re quite different than what laypeople envision, at least judging by how surgical environments are portrayed in popular culture. Moreover, the teamwork and the camaraderie during hours of professional focus, is something that can’t be easily relayed without being there.

GIBLIB, a company whose CEO we recently interviewed, has released the first virtual reality app that lets just about anyone with access to an Oculusheadset, to experience what it’s like when serious surgeries are underway. GIBLIB’s content comes from Cedars-Sinai and Stanford Children’s Hospital, so you won’t be seeing boring stuff like hernia repairs.


The app is offered through the Oculus store, and it works with the Oculus Go and Oculus Rift System. While it is certainly available to anyone, medical students and even surgeons may find good use at studying the surgical techniques that are employed by some of the more esteemed practicioners out there.

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