Submit Your Projects To VR For Change

Submit Your Projects To VR For Change
December 2, 2017

Since 2004, Games for Change (G4C) has remained committed to empowering a community of people who create digital games that have an impact on the real world. During that time G4C kept a close eye on the progress of virtual reality, and earlier this year decided to step up our efforts and organize focused resources and a platform for developing the emerging VR/AR/MR for impact sector. This new initiative launched with the 2017 VR for Change Summit and for those who could not attend the event was a resounding success!


G4C is now proud to announce a continued commitment to this space with a year-round initiative of programming and support for the VR for Change community. In addition to a dedicated VR for Change blog, where we will feature innovative projects and best practices from leaders in the sector, we will host a quarterly VR Talk & Play series at the SAP Leonardo Center in New York where leaders in the field will give a demonstration to the community about their accomplishments and challenges moving forward.


Another effort will be an Ambassador Group comprised of pioneers in the various sectors of the VR/MR/AR community who will help map the way forward and identify opportunities for practitioners to create resources for one another. And G4C is already gearing up for the2018 VR for Change Summit, which will build on the success of the first VR for Change Summit and celebrate all of the new the accomplishments made over the last several months.


Developers, NGOs, federal organizations and educators are exploring these new tools and digging deeper into their potential for impact. Some people in the G4C community have been experimenting in this sector for years and for others it’s a brand-new frontier. There are researchers and scientists using these mediums for collecting data, mapping the brain, rehabilitation, and cognitive training; educators are developing VR/MR/AR experiences to foster learning, NGO’s and Government Agencies are using it to raise awareness around critical humanitarian issues.


And of course for filmmakers and digital creators, the medium is ripe for self expression and storytelling. G4C is looking forward to connecting all of these people with one another to continue to push this medium forward.


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