Sound Self VR Lets You Reach Trance-like States

Sound Self VR Lets You Reach Trance-like States
July 14, 2018

We know virtual reality is awesome for gaming experiences, but what about exploring the self? Andrew Zucosky met up at Shacknews' Indie Heaven with Robin Arnott, the CEO of Orpheus Technodelics, to discuss Sound Self VR.


Sound Self VR isn't a game so much as it's a journey through the self. Using your voice, you're tasked with exploring a strange, hypnotic world of sounds and visuals as you work to reach an intense trance-like state. It's an intriguing, dreamlike state that players seem to reach during the "trip," and it looks like an extremely mellow way to get in touch with the inner you. Just watch some of the people going through the title at E3 2018. They look so peaceful and serene.


"People regularly come out of it speechless, crying, etc. They're experiencing something they only ever really experience in video games," said Arnott.


Orpheus Technodelics is a VR publisher of "psychoactive digital experiences," and this new product certainly seems like an intriguing one to test out if you're ever in the neighborhood or able to do so.


"It's genuinely psychedelic. It's not like, 'oh, it's trippy.' It is a genuine suspension of egoic narrative," said Arnott.

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