SK Telecom's Virtual Assistant Comes In Human Form

SK Telecom's Virtual Assistant Comes In Human Form
March 6, 2018

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are quickly bringing virtual assistants to the mainstream, but SK Telecom's Wendy virtual assistant is set to revolutionize the industry. Developed by Korean technology giant SK Telecom and Reality Reflections, Wendy is a pivotal piece of software found in the HoloBox.


The HoloBox is the first assistant device from SK Telecom, but unlike the offerings from Amazon and Google, this new device features an 8.6-inch screen that shows a projection of the Wendy virtual assistant. Aside from this screen, the HoloBox includes a front-facing camera, multi-directional microphones and touch controls on the top. 


While the HoloBox is a fairly impressive system, the Wendy virtual assistant is truly what makes the device. She is currently capable of listening, understanding, reacting and even emoting through her facial expressions based on commands. The AI projection is based of K-pop artist Son Seung-wan, who was scanned with 160 DSLRs to create a photo-realistic model. SK Telecom hopes that Wendy will be the first of many holographic digital assistants that will bring a better sense of humanity to AI.

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