Share Your Immigrant VR Story With PhillyCAM

Share Your Immigrant VR Story With PhillyCAM
May 12, 2018
Young people using the green screen studio at PhillyCAM (Photo via

Philadelphia is home to about 200,000 foreign-born residents, each of whom has their own story to share.


PhillyCAM is seeking immigrants in the Philadelphia area to partake in “Immigration in Full Frame,” a national documentary project retelling the stories of immigrants — both newcomers and those whose descendants migrated as long ago as 1620. The interviews will be filmed in virtual reality.


As described by PhillyCAM in a press release, the goals of the documentary project are to:

- Demonstrate the broad diversity and beauty of American immigration

- Re-imagine how we, as a society, share stories of migration

- Outline a visual narrative of where and how Americans came together


“PhillyCAM and Brookline Interactive Group want to use this project as a way to go beyond headlines to create intimate portraits of those most affected by the current administration’s position on immigration; from the story  of a single dreamer facing possible deportation to a migration story that spans three generations,” said PhillyCAM ED Gretjen Clausing.


Interviews will be filmed at PhillyCAM on Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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