Shanghai: Vive Hackathon Mixes VR And Robotics

Shanghai: Vive Hackathon Mixes VR And Robotics
November 1, 2016

Quality content is critical for the future of virtual reality. Great experiences attract more people into the VR ecosystem. One way to evangelize good content is to encourage and support promising developers with hackathons and awards.
To stimulate the VR developer community in China, HTC held “Vive Extreme Innovation Challenge” in Shanghai together with FMB, the Chinese company that organizes competitive robot matches.
The hackathon combined robotics, AI and other related intelligent hardware technologies to expand the possibilities of VR peripherals.
Amongst the 18 developer teams, 6 winners were chosen by a group of judges from the Chinese VR industry.

“I was impressed how the participants went from a simple concept to an actual working prototype of a complex multi-disciplinary products in such a short time.” told Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of HTC Vive, to Haptical. “With minor optimizations these projects can be applied to arcade usages almost immediately.”

The event took place in Shanghai from October 22 to 30 and lasted 188-hours. “Since it involved hardware design, development and integration into a VR software system, we could not accomplish it in the traditional 2.5 day hackathons.” said Alvin W. Graylin.
Winner of the Best Hack Award:
Chesstar Studios — Integrated VR sword-fighting robot concept.

Chesstar Studios
Winner of the Best Application Award:
GouGames — Gesture controlled 4D arcade experiences.

Winner of the Best Interactive Experience Award:
ManChoose — Hand operated medical training VR experience

Winner of the Best Creativity Award:
Nanchang VR Film — Augmented Virtual Reality video experience.

Nanchang VR Film
Winner of the Best Entertainment Award:
PhotonArena — First-person shooter with integrated external weaponry.

Special Award:
GreenBean — Exoskeleton enhanced body tracking experience.


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