Sex Cinemas Will Let Audiences Attend Orgies In VR

Sex Cinemas Will Let Audiences Attend Orgies In VR
December 20, 2016

Spanish researchers are developing cutting-edge technology which will allow cinema fans to engage in orgies with the on-screen stars using virtual reality. 


Audience members will sit on specially designed vibrating seats and interact with the stars on screen using a tablet device. Up to twelve people will be able to get involved in the sessions, which the inventors believe will be more addictive than traditional pornography.


Christina Portales of the University of Valencia was updating experts at the Love and Sex with Robots conference in London earlier this month. 


According to the Daily Star, she told delegates: 'Imagine a device where you could really kiss Leonardo DiCaprio. It could be as addictive as pornographic material. 


'All senses have been integrated. People will see, people will smell, people will touch. They will feel the movement. It is not an individual activity. It is a group.' 


The high-tech environment will encompass seats which vibrate in the most appropriate places along with surround sound and 3D glasses. 


One future development could involve the deployment of 'sex robots' to make the shows fully interactive.  Patrons will be empowered to decide whether they receive the attentions of the actors on screen. 


However, it is unlikely the shows will feature A-listers, as they would have to consent to their images to be used in such a manner.

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