Save The Date: AltspaceVR's 1st VR Wedding

Save The Date: AltspaceVR's 1st VR Wedding
February 18, 2017

Martin and Elisa’s pre-wedding photoshoot was not so different from others you may have attended — the betrothed couple giddily obliged as they received direction from their photographer, “Now Martin, can you get down on one knee and reenact the proposal? Great, yes, great.” The photographer’s next words, however, introduced a new element to the event, “Ok, now can you emote hearts together? It’d be great to get a shot of the stream of hearts…ha, I didn’t know robots could blush.”

After meeting in real life through a mutual friend, Martin and Elisa immediately hit it off. Getting married in VR was something they decided upon for both the sake of novelty and functionality. Not only does it match the lighthearted and humorous nature of their relationship, but also allows people from all over the world — friends, relatives, and anyone else interested — to take part in the VR ceremony. As an added bonus, wedding planning, as the couple noted, is much more unique when the decisions revolve around choosing the most scenic virtual space and which color of avatar to don on the big day.

When asked what people think about their decision to wed in VR, Martin is convinced they’ll understand once they experience the power of social VR for themselves.


“It is strange until you experience it. We’re in a beautiful world that’s constructed in VR, and you’re in it….. When [my sister] sees this and experiences this, I think that she’ll understand that it’s real, it’s here. Behind this robot here is Elisa.”


Martin and Elisa will be tying the virtual knot this coming May, where they’ll be joined by family and friends in headsets across the globe. We can’t wait for them to be pronounced avatar and wife.

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