Sansar Traffic Stays Flat Despite Branded Events

Sansar Traffic Stays Flat Despite Branded Events
August 24, 2018

Last week, Linden Lab began promoting Sansar's Greenwall VRa social VR hangout space for OpTic Gaming™ , a massive eSports gaming brand with 3 million+ followers on Twitter and 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube; the OpTic team has been helping too, tweeting about the site.


So far, however, all this promotion hasn't translated into growing traffic into Sansar. According to data that Linden Lab provides through a back-end API (chart above), visits to Sansar's public spaces have not improved since the Greenwall launch, with daily average concurrency remaining at well under 20 uniques, total.


Where most consumers interested in Spielberg's movie probably didn't have the high-end PC or VR equipment required to even visit the Ready Player One site in Sansar, most fans of OpTic Gaming™, being hardcore gamers, almost certainly do. I'd have at least expected an uptick of usage from several hundred gamers by now, but not even that is happening.


This failure to increase engagement not only concerns me about Sansar, but social VR in general. Thanks to promotion by Twitch streamers, VRChat concurrency grew by many thousands -- but hasn't grown since then. Whatever the alchemy for growing this new generation of social virtual worlds, their appeal as hangouts for gamers seems limited at best.

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