Samsung: 'Be Fearless' Aims To Cure Phobias In VR

Samsung: 'Be Fearless' Aims To Cure Phobias In VR
December 5, 2016

Samsung Canada has come up with a brilliant promotional campaign to help the company sell more Gear VR headsets and Samsung Galaxy S7 handsets. With the hashtag #BeFearless, the manufacturer recommends that Canadian consumers user Virtual Reality technology to help them overcome the fear of heights and the fear of public speaking (some with a sense of humor say that what Samsung is really doing is getting rid of consumers' fear of spending money).

The VR therapy starts with less frightening events, like riding on a glass elevator,  gradually taking the consumer on more frightening excursions such as a drive along a cliff. For those with a fear of public speaking, the VR module helps get the user engaged in a virtual conversation, a job interview, and karaoke.

The modules are free and the program has already achieved success in Europe, Russia and the UAE. Samsung expects to bring it to eight more countries in the future. The idea is that as the person gets fearful when exposed to a certain situation, constant exposure to that trigger will make that person less fearful.

"As part of our ongoing commitment to make a difference in our connected lives, we believe the immersive VR innovation behind #BeFearless can empower many of us to master our fears. We hope this inspires Canadians to experience the global movement. Following its success in Europe, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, we're proud to join eight other countries to help even more people realize their full potential." - Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Canada.

Produced in a partnership with Facebook and Oculus, each module/program runs four weeks and uses the Samsung Gear VR in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy S7. In fact, click on the sourcelink and discuss your fear of heights or public speaking, and you could win a Galaxy S7 and a Gear VR.

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