Reality Check: Towards A Generation Of VR Addicts

Reality Check: Towards A Generation Of VR Addicts
November 23, 2016

A while back, I watched the first demo of Facebook’s Oculus rift experience . Although, I was astonished just like all people, I was also scared of how much virtual reality is changing the way we interact…


Back to the future

Although we haven’t heard about VR until 2010–2011, the origins of this new kid traces back to the 1987 when Jaron Lanier, founder of the visual programming lab (VPL), coined (or according to some popularized) the term “virtual reality”.


Come on people, let’s bad mouth Virtual Reality for a bit!


Goodbye Mr Sportsman

One of the obvious drawbacks of virtual reality is the lack of physical activity . Wanna play football ? wanna run? wanna challenge Michael Jordan? Just plug and play homie! Let me tell you something . It’s true that experiencing such stuff is awesome but frankly nothing beats the real thing . Keeping your muscles alive is a healthy activity .


Zero intimacy

Since the boom of internet, we have been drifting apart. We visit each others fewer . We hangout fewer . We even talk less! Facebook and other social networks have taken over our lives .


As if we weren’t in deep water already, VR is stepping up their game to the next level especially with the porn industry leading the way.



As Rami Malek said “There is a little bit of Elliot in every one of us”I hate to overreact but addiction to VR is coming! especially that we are already addicted to social networks etc . God only knows what’s next!


We are out of business

VR will be bad news for lots of businesses . So, gone are the travel agencies . Gone are the summer camps . Gone are the amusement parks …


With great power comes great responsibility

Certainly, VR is revolutionizing the way we interact with each others. Nevertheless, opting for moderation is the key. For now , let’s sit back and see how things will turn out!

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