Ralph Nader: 4 Years Before Millions Adopt VR

Ralph Nader: 4 Years Before Millions Adopt VR
March 14, 2017

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is predicting that "millions of people" will soon be walking around wearing virtual reality goggles, the latest technology craze to be adopted by younger Americans.


In a sidebar while discussing the Freedom of Information Act at a National Archives conference, Nader said that the key hang-up to widespread VR usage, nausea, is being fixed.


"There's only one major technical impediment now, and that is how do you reduce the nausea, you know, of three dimensional reality? Tony Fadell, who is one of the inventors of the smart phone, told me we're about four years now away from it becoming current," said Nader.


"I mean, within four years, you're going to see millions of people, many of them young, walking around with virtual reality goggles," added Nader.


He threw in a joke about VR too: "You want to talk about fake news, virtual reality."

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