Porsche Launches New AR Car Configuration App

Porsche Launches New AR Car Configuration App

Fancy visualizing a ritzy Porsche car in your living room or your driveway before you even purchase it? Porsche has launched a new car configuration augmented reality app known as the Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App that allows customers to generate or render photorealistic representations of a customer-configured Porsche car in the real world.


With the release of the app, Porsche is now the only automaker with such an AR app that allows customers to visualize their dream Porsche car including the technical details of the car in 3D. Users can configure the car by using the familiar Porsche Web Configurator or through the use of the 3D model in the augmented reality app. Once configured, users will be able to overlay or superimpose the virtual car onto any surface, be it indoors or on the outdoors.

The Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App will allow you to visualize your dream Porsche car in three dimensions


The new Porsche AR app will offer users an even more immersive digital experience. Before the users makes the call on whether to purchase the vehicle or not, they will have a very good idea of what the car has to offer offer. They will have been able to use augmented reality to park the Porsche car in their driveway and marvel at it in their living room or show off a photorealistic rendering of it to their friends. In short, the user is able to configure the car and see what it is likely to look like in the real world.


The Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App already has three Porsche models including the new Porsche 911 Carrera S, the Carrera 4S and the concept study Mission E. The concept car will be replaced with the Taycan series model later this autumn which is the Porsche car that is fully electric. Porsche is planning to incorporate its entire product range into the AR app by the end of this year so if you are a prospective Cayenne buyer, you might have to wait for a few more months.


Customers can use the Porsche Code to upload their car configurations from the Web Configurator into the augmented reality app. They will subsequently be able to visualize the vehicle and all its details in the real world when the image is superimposed onto any real-world surface. Customers can also make additional changes like the paint color into the configuration in the Augmented Reality Visualization.


The AR app has the “highlight function” which removes the opacity of the body paint and allows customers can visualize the technical details of the vehicle which were hitherto hidden from view by the bodywork. With the AR app, a customer can look below the chassis of the new Porsche 911 and even experience the powertrain of the vehicle virtually.

Customers can view the technical details of the car hitherto hidden from view through the “highlight function”


The augmented reality app is available for both iOS and Android devices and leverages the design concept and technology of Porsche’s existing systems. It has adopted the workflows that are already being used for vehicle configuration and optimized and enhanced them for the AR application. You will be able to see the vehicles rendered in Augmented Reality on a smartphone in the same quality standard with which they appear in the classic Web Configurator on your PC.


Users will be able to configure the vehicles in the desktop version of Porsche’s website and then transfer the data to the app using a special Porsche Code.

Using the Porsche Code,customers can upload their configuration from the Web Configurator into the app


The “highlight function” in the app will turn the bodywork transparent thereby making it possible for the user to see the vehicle’s technical highlights like the engine and the chassis.


The new Porsche app simplifies the purchase decision. Users can virtually design their dream car and pick the preferred color, trim level, wheel design as well as interior options and then see how the car will look like in real life when parked in the real world. You will now be able to park your dream Porsche in your driveway before you finally decide to make the purchase.

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