'Pokemon Nudes' Are A Thing Now

'Pokemon Nudes' Are A Thing Now
January 2, 2017

Welp. Everyone knew this would happen, right? Pokémon Go makes use of your camera, and you can take a picture of whatever you’d like while playing, after all.


Actually, right now the internet has a number of different kinds of Pokémon Gonudes floating around, with at least a couple of people purporting to use Pokémon Go during or right before sex. The most popular image, which you’ve probably seen by now, is titled “WHEN YOU ABOUT TO SMASH BUT POKEMONGO IS LIFE.” It is not the only image online: there are definitelymore raunchy images floating around.


Plenty of people are taking nude selfies and sharing them on social media too, and there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to NSFW Pokémon Go pictures.


But the most common type of Pokémon Go nude pic has to be the dick pic. Surprising absolutely no one, dudes out there are showing off their latest Pokémon capture by letting it all hang out. A cursory Tumblr search shows a lot more of where that came from. It is probably only a matter of time before website Critique My Dick Pic finds itself having to judge a wang right next to a Doduo or whatever. Pray for them. I reached out CMDP about this, especially in regards to whether they have any advice for people wanting to send *good* Pokémon Go nudes, and we will update if we hear back. My gut tells me it is impossible, but I’m sure someone out there is about to prove me wrong. No word yet on whether or not people are receiving unsolicited Pokémon Go dick pics, but that’s probably just a matter of time, too.


In slightly more SFW news, those who aren’t taking full-on nudity pics with Pokémon Go are still finding other ways of making the app weirdly sexual. Innocent little Diglett has become the face of Pokémon dick, with lots of Gousers taking pictures like the ones below:

Other monsters are not safe from this practice, however, as you can see from social media posts. I’d say “childhood ruined” but really, Pokémon has been around for decades now. These Pokémon Go nudes are tame in comparison to the other horrible things the internet has mashed together with Pokémon. I guess there’s a reason Pokémon Go is sending all of us to church.

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