Plan Your Next Trip With 360-Degree Videos

Plan Your Next Trip With 360-Degree Videos
August 18, 2017

Many of us have been through the experience of booking an attraction that looks great in pictures or sounds great in writing—only to find out that it falls short of those depictions. Lookaround wants to help travelers plan the best trip possible by providing access to 360-degree videos. Lookaround allows people to get a good sense of what they are signing themselves up for using algorithms and immersive media.


Its unique features include the option of previewing and booking tours and attractions along with watching local insiders give advice on their favorite spots through the 360 videos. These videos allow users to use their fingers or move their smartphones around to see different angles of an attraction. It also offers the traditional option of browsing activities by inputting personal preferences.

“Our mobile travel guide does not only employ latest technology and content, but also relies on a unique approach that includes our own network of local vloggers in Berlin and Barcelona who provide content from their own perspective, making our proposition honest and transparent,” Lookaround co-founder Marc Wyss said on the company website.


Planning a great vacation takes some work, but Lookaround might let you have some fun while doing it.

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